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Moms (and dads!) who sell with Sweet Repeats have the option to be a "co-venturer" with us. We are the event coordinators. This is essentially a sale to sell YOUR things! Sweet team members who become a Premier Consignor help run the event and sell consignor items! Our sweet team of Premier Consignors collaborates and puts so much LOVE into making this event a warm, welcoming place to come shop, socialize, get out and about and see your mama friends. This is what makes Sweet Repeats MORE than just a place to shop!


An unexpected perk, many of those who help us each sale also LOVE the relationships they build with other local mamas! So. Many. Friendships. All from helping sell their stuff. These awesome helpers look forward each sale to seeing their "sale" friends and even coordinate schedules to spend time together while earning higher percentages on what they sell. Join us and get great perks, have lots of fun and shop before everyone else for the best selection & great prices!


We offer great incentives for Premier Consignors on our sweet team. And we offer a wide variety of times to select from! At this time, we only allow consignors to participate. We really are more like co-venturers. Our Premier Consignors are able to earn higher rates on what they sell by helping work the event merchandising, setting up, tearing down and providing customer service to help sell their items. AND the most fun and often MORE valuable perk of all? SHOPPING EARLY! 

What are the perks?

  • Shop EARLIER! Best selection and best deals go fast. Each shift earns you earlier shopping!

  • Earn MORE! Up to 80%. For many consignors, this ends up being a BIG boost to their check!

  • Shop HALF OFF early! Premier Consignors get to shop our HALF OFF sale one day early. Each shift earns an earlier shopping time!

The perks!

5 shifts

Earn 80% of your sales

Shop first on opening day presales!

Shop first on half off day presales!

80% of sales is a HUGE perk that most events do not offer.


For the 80% of sales option, you will need to fill out a form + be approved to our 80% of sales list.

4 shifts

Earn 75% of your saless

Shop second on opening day presales!

Shop second on half off presales!

3 shifts

Earn 70% of your sales

Shop third on opening day presales!

Shop third on half off presales!

2 shifts

Earn 65% of your sales

Shop fourth on opening day presales!

Shop fourth on half off presales!

1 shift

Earn 60% of your sales

Shop fifth on opening day presales!

Shop fifth on half off presales!

No shifts - Consignor Only

Earn 60% of your sales

Shop sixth on opening day presales!

Shop sixth on half off presales!

Before Ticketed Entry!

What do I do?

  • You choose the shifts that work for YOU! Once shifts are available, log into your account to select your shift.

  • Setting up, organizing, checking out shoppers, tear down (great shift for dads!), flyers, and more. So many ways to help!

  • Helping out is NOT required. It IS a great way to earn more, shop early and have fun!


​What do Premier Consignors do?

  • Help set up

  • Check in consignors & inspect products

  • Arrange products on the sales floor

  • Keep the sales floor clean & organized

  • Help shoppers during the sale

  • Help pack up & tear down

  • Floor security

  • Help shoppers with large items

  • Posting flyers

Each shift is 3 hours and all shifts are first-come, first-served. As a consignor, once you create or sign in to your online account with us, you can manage shifts, drop-off times, enter items, print tags, etc. Log in to your consignor account to sign up for shifts.

If a shift you would like is full, please first see if there are other shifts available that you can do. If not, please email us and we will try to work with you on scheduling. Also, people add and drop shifts often. Keep checking back!

If shifts during our event don't fit in your schedule, if you have physical limitations or would like to help in some other way or on some other date - there are other things that need to be done behind the scenes. Email us to sign up for these opportunities and get credit. Options may include hanging or distributing flyers, posting yard signs, arranging for media coverage, providing snacks & drinks, etc.

We will also work with you if you need to split your shift over 2 days, come in 30 min late and leave 30 min late, etc. Email us! Advanced notice and approval is required!

Please consider this commitment carefully and make sure you are available before you sign up. You may "unregister" for shifts as conflicts arise. If it is past our cut off and the system will not allow you to "unregister", please email us immediately. If you are a no-show, do not find a replacement, and do not notify us to cancel, your consignor sales percentage will be lowered to 40%. In addition, you will not be permitted to sign up as a Premier Consignor at future sale events or participate in future volunteer presales. YES, we know this sounds harsh but signing up and NOT showing up is far worse than not signing up at all in these ways:

  • It incurs costs for the sale when we have to now pay for additional workers OR lose sales for ALL consignors due to lack of help.

  • Hurts our level of customer service. 

  • Is not fair to our other committed Premier Consignors. 

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