Tagging Cut Off & Restocking


To be sure we have enough time to get the registers set up for our presales we have to disable regular tagging entry prior to drop off.


The AWESOME news is that the TAGGING CAN CONTINUE after we disable "regular" tagging!!!


Once we disable the regular tagging, the sale will enter it's "restocking inventory period".


Here is how it will work:


▪ On the restock inventory screen, ONLY restock items are shown, so the first time you access this screen there will be nothing there. NOT TO WORRY! All your other items that you already entered have been downloaded at the point. They are NOT missing. They are just now onsite at the sale ready for ringing up your tags.

▪ The restock inventory screen is very similar to the normal inventory entry screen and works in the exact same way.

▪ When you are ready to print tags for the restock items, you do that in the exact same way.

▪ You will have a new inventory report that you can print that will list only restock items.

▪ Please note: We will be downloading your restocking inventory periodically. Once it is downloaded, you will not be able to edit those items. Please try to keep your inventory up-to-date as you enter it during the "restocking inventory period".


You will be able to drop off restocking items any time our event calendar shows that we are open to the public. Email us with questions.


If you are dropping off for restocking, just check in at front table. We need make sure that restock inventory is uploaded to the database and gets inspected before hitting the sales floor.


Restocking is intended to be for replenishment only. Please sign up for and plan to attend a drop off appointment. Can't make one of our drop off times? Email us!


Why restock?


Every sale we have a number of consignors show up to drop off and tell us they found another box of toys, remembered a stroller in their garage or some other item that they wished they could bring. We also have families who work weekends and have time during the week, but not on the weekend, to do tagging and just ran out of time. We also have shoppers ask us EACH day if new items will be added the next day. We wanted to come up with a way to be able to add new items to attract shoppers to come back AND to allow consignors a way to earn even MORE! So, get as much done as you can and then get ready to do one more pass through the closets, attics, garages, bedrooms, toy boxes, cupboards for all those toys, books, crafting supplies, games, puzzles, shoes, gear, sports equipment and more - to make our shoppers HAPPY and make you MORE!