How to shop early!

The questions EVERY Sweet Repeats shopper must ask themselves?!


+HOW EARLY do I want to shop?!

+What am I willing to do to shop early?!

+Am I willing to miss out on the BEST selection at the BEST prices?!

Each sale, we have at least 7 (yes, SEVEN) different ways to SHOP EARLY! Yep. That's right. PLUS, a way to shop our HALF OFF sale EARLY! Want to know more? Here's how!

1. Help us out! Sellers who help put the sale on as part of our Sweet Squad get to shop EARLIEST. And the more you help. The earlier you shop. Our Sweet Squad members are really co-venturers helping sell THEIR items, you must be a consignor to participate.

2. Sell with us! Our rock star sellers shop next! Sell some of that kid clutter around the house and YOU TOO can shop EARLY! (And, we offer ways for your BFFs to join you on the early shopping!)

3. The SWEET SNEAK! Want to shop FIRST after the Sweet Squad + Seller presales? And ONE DAY earlier than ALL OTHER presales? Click HERE for all the details and links to purchase!

4. The Sweet Sneak AFTER PARTY! Can't get off work by 5 pm? But want to shop the night BEFORE our full day of presales and opening to the public? Click HERE for all the details and links to purchase!

5. Help a mama out! Our CHARITY presale ticket proceeds go to help new mamas in the Earn While You Learn program at the Women's Resource Clinic. Click HERE for all the details and links to purchase! 

6. Add a new bundle of joy! New mamas, daddys, grandmas and grandpas CLICK HERE for how to shop early for FREE at our New Parent Presale!

7. Be a HERO! We host a FREE HEROES presale to appreciate and THANK our heroes! Are you or is someone in your family a hero? If you or a family member are active or retired military, a teacher, a coach, a first responder, law enforcement, a fire fighter, an EMT, a nurse, a foster parent, a social worker - CLICK HERE to learn more and register!

8. SHOP OUR HALF OFF PRESALE EARLY! All Premier Consignors + consignors shop our 50% off presale early (on Saturday!). For our Premier Consignors, the more they help, the earlier they shop! OR....FANS can shop our HALF OFF PRESALE early with the purchase of a ticket! CLICK HERE to learn more and register!