Heroes presale

The HEROES presale is to appreciate and THANK our heroes!

Are you or is someone in your family a hero? If you or a family member are active or retired military, a teacher, a coach, a first responder, law enforcement, a fire fighter, an EMT, a nurse, a foster parent, a social worker - you can register to shop early!


You must be registered and show your ID (or a pic of your spouse's ID)  to enter!


And it will cut off at 100 shoppers! So join our list and register NOW!

Please note - our event and our presales are very popular. It is during our presales that we test our registers out for the first time each sale, train our helpers, and work out the kinks. In exchange for helping us "test the system", you get early selection of the amazing deals!


Check the presale schedule for your shopping time! And MAKE SURE you are choosing the right time for YOU!

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