Frequently asked questions

What is Sweet Repeats?
Our childrens consignment sale is an organized event that provides an opportunity for parents to SELL and BUY gently used infant, children & teen clothing, toys, baby equipment, books,  furniture, maternity and more. 

How often do you have your sales?
Sweet Repeats is seasonal sale, so we will have two sale events during the year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. 

Where are you located?

Currently, our sale is located in Chico, CA, only. We are looking at expanding and hope to have news soon!

Is there a fee for parking?

No. Parking is free.

Best place to park?

Head over to the main entrance at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. You'll see signs! Follow the signs to our new building!

Are children allowed to shop with me?
Yes, although we will permit children, we encourage you to shop without them so that you can focus on getting the best deals.  These types of sales can get crowded, and it may be easy to lose track of children.  Plus, we will have lots of tempting toys within reach and it may be difficult to keep children from playing with the toys that are for sale.

How do I get to shop early?

As a seller or as a member of our Sweet Squad, you will be able to shop before the public is admitted. There is nothing as exciting as getting the first choice on high quality inventory.  See the event CALENDAR for more details on the various presales. Not selling or helping out this event? We have MORE options for shopping early! See our HOW TO SHOP EARLY page for more info!

What if I find a great item, but it is too large for me to carry around while I shop?
We will have a holding area and allow you to hold an item for you while you shop.  We don't want you to miss out on a great find, but also want to be sure that if you change your mind that we are able to get it back on the sales floor as soon as possible - so we'll ask for your cell phone number in order to text and see if you're still in the building!

What is your return policy?
All sales are final with no returns. However, we like to make sure that we are fair to our shoppers and our consignors.  If you have a concern with a purchase, please email us and let us know.

Can we "try on" the clothing?

Unfortunately, we do not have accommodations for changing rooms.  We suggest that you determine your child's size before you come to the sale. We occasionally set up ONE fitting room - particularly for our Juniors and Maternity customers.

What items do you sell?
We will be offering girl's & boys clothing (infant to teen), maternity, toys, outdoor/indoor play equipment, shoes, baby equipment, book, videos, and anything else to do with kids! The list is LONG! Please see our WHAT TO SELL page for more details.

How much can I expect to save?
The more you buy, the more you save!  Of course Sweet Repeats does not price any of the items. That is up to each of our consignors individually, but typically items are priced 50% - 90% off of the original retail price.  Also make sure to visit our half-price sale on Sunday where you can save even more!  As attractive as our half-price sale is, make sure you also shop early on for the best selection.  Great items move fast! Shoppers in the "know" shop early AND shop often AND shop Sunday! We restock each day - so new finds EVERY DAY!

How can I become a Sweet Repeats seller?
It's easy.  All you have to do is register, gather & prep your items you wish to sell and bring them to us.  It is like having your own store  without the hassle!  If you think you might be interested in consigning with us, feel free to browse through more information on our SELL page.

Why should I consign with Sweet Repeats?
Ah!  The list is long...please see our SELL page for all the fun facts!

How do I prepare items to sell?

All the details on preparing for the sale can be found on our PREPARING YOUR ITEMS page.

Do I have to stay at the sale to sell my items?
Consignors do not have to stay at the sale.  Just prepare your items, drop off on the designated time/date, and go!  You do not have to stick around and "man" a table.  We do the work for you!

Do I have to register ahead of time?
Yes.  It takes quite a bit of organization on our end to make the sale easy and fun for you!  We are not able to accept walk-ins the day of the sale.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can consign?
For ALL items other than clothing, there is no limit to the amount of items you can sell.  We do ask that you consign a minimum of 10 items or one large item (stroller, high chair, jumperoo, exer-saucer, etc.).
 Please see our WHAT TO SELL page for clothing limits.

What about my items that do not sell?
As a consignor, you have the option to donate your unsold items or to pickup them up after the sale.  We are excited to share blessings of donations with Butte County ILP.  The items go to their ILP store that is shopped with vouchers by by foster parents and clients of many local shelters and organizations.

When will I receive my check?
We now pay via electronic payment! You will typically receive a link to collect your funds within 3 days after the end of the sale. Links will absolutely be sent within 7 days following the last day of the sale.

Do I need to sign an agreement?
Our seller agreement will be in electronic form for your review and agreement.  It is required to complete this agreement to sell with us at our seasonal sale.  The agreement will be presented to you electronically when you register online.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Does it cost anything to consign?

We do charge a $12 administrative registration fee that is prepaid during registration. This fee helps to offset some (but not all) of the costs to run the sale, including the software used, venue cost & advertising for the sale. HOWEVER, we do run lots of promos offering reduced rates for our registration fee! Follow us via mailing list, Facebook, Facebook Events, Instagram and more for updates on our promos!

Do I have to provide my own hangers?  Will I get my hangers back?
Hangers may be picked up at some retail stores that throw them away.  It is best to call around and ask.  Hangers are also available for a reasonable price at Walmart, Dollar Store, etc. Hangers will be in bins at the end of the sale for consignors to take home. Honor system to take as many as used for the sale. 


Will you be featuring local businesses at your sale?

YES! We have lots of advertising opportunities at affordable prices. Let us help you reach your target market - moms with families! Email us for more information or visit our ADVERTISE page.