Drop off & Pick up

Drop off

We set up a drop off appointment schedule online and you are able to choose your own time slot for drop off. Have a schedule change? No problem. You can make all schedule adjustments online at your convenience!


Please allow 20 - 60 minutes for your drop off, depending on the number of items you have. Our amazing volunteers will help to make drop off as easy and efficient as possible.


We offer a wide range of times to help meet the needs of different family schedules. Alternate drop off times/dates might be available under special circumstances. Please email if you need a different drop off time and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Log in to your account to choose a drop off appointment. 

If you are unable to drop off during one of our drop off appointments, please email us! We don't want you to miss the event!

What does drop off look like?

  • You will check in with one of the squad and we'll walk you through the process. 

  • Please be organized!

  • Have clothing sorted by size and gender.

  • If your items are separated by category so they can easily be put out - this will speed up your drop off appointment!

  • You'll check in with your drop form, get your presale passes and ask any last minute questions.

  • If you print your drop off form ahead of time and bring it completed - it will help make it go faster!

Pick up

NEW!!! All pick up will be done by appointment and scheduled, similarly to how we do drop offs.

Pick up appointments will begin Sunday morning and end Sunday at 4:30 PM.

We will have limited openings to pick up Saturday late afternoon/evening for those who may not want to have their items in the 75% OFF sale on Sunday.

Please reach out to teamlead@sweetrepeatsale.com if you need special accommodations for pick up.

You may also choose to donate your unsold items and skip pick up (heck, we encourage it!). At pick up you will pick up your items from the sales floor and need to check out with our volunteers before leaving.


When you arrive, please be sure to check in for a helpful tip sheet, your unsold items report and any final information or advice before proceeding to your items. 

We will upload your unsold items reports once the sale ends and all check outs are complete. This can be up to one hour past "close". You will be able to access the unsold item report by logging in to your account. If picking up every item is important to you, we recommend printing this report and bringing it with you to pick up. We are happy to print the report for you at the fairgrounds, but be advised - our print out is on register receipt paper and can be hard to read.


Remember to keep your inventory records accurate! It will be difficult to find all of your items, if you have inventory in your account (that you didn't bring or from previous sales) that was not brought to the sale. It's no fun to spend time searching for something to realize it was never there! 


A suggestion about pick up...we will be uploading sales each day of the sale and as soon as possible after closing on Sunday. We send out an email on Sunday after the sales have been uploaded to give the most up to date information on what has sold. Many consignors log into their account once sales have been uploaded to see what is left. Many times, so many items have sold at this point consignors decide to stay home and leave the rest to be donated. Or, see one or two things they'd like to have back and come by to get those couple things and leave the rest.


We leave it up to each consignor to decide, but this is one way to make it even easier - and to help those in our community who are less fortunate! All items that are left are boxed up and donated to the Butte County ILP Store that serves foster families and many of the shelters and organizations that help our community. See our DONATE page for more on this great opportunity to help and to see what organizations benefit from your donation.