How it all started...

I worked for over 12 years in large corporations, including 4 years at SunGard Bi-Tech here in Chico.  I dreamt of being a stay-at-home mom, but worried about how we could afford it.  I went back to work when my son was 3 months old, which is one of the hardest things working moms have to do.  After being back to work for about 4 months, the company I worked for had another round of lay-offs and I was on the list this time.  As upsetting as it was to lose my job, and as much stress as it was on my husband and I worrying about how we would pay the bills, I also was thrilled to be home with my son. 

To help make ends meet, I started preparing some of the outgrown items we had already accumulated to take to sell at a similar seasonal consignment sale about 3 hours away.  My twin sister had been selling at a seasonal consignment sale for almost 9 years, so I had a lot of experience watching and helping her sell her items each season.  As I tried to figure out the logisitcs of how to get bags and bags of baby stuff to her to sell at her sale, I had one of those  "light bulb" moments.  I was surprised that something like this didn't already exist in Chico and realized that I could start it - and work towards continuing the dream of being a stay-at-home / working-at-home mom.

I had always wanted to own my own business, and with this concept, I saw a chance to help their families while helping others and the community.  What a wonderful opportunity to help families stretch their budgets by providing a place to find great deals, make some extra money while cleaning out the closets and provide donations to the less fortunate in our own community with donated items at the end of each sale.  And, as a first time mom, I was struck with how much "stuff" and how much packaging came with all the "stuff" that collects once your little one is born and starts growing up.  At the time, I had a good friend (Sarah), who was a stay-at-home mom and had also experienced a lay-off in her family.  I told her about my "grand" idea and we joined forces to start Sweet Repeats with lots of hard work and on a VERY small budget. We had our first sale and were so proud that WE DID IT!  And, had so much fun with all the families who sold and shopped.  Life brings unexpected twists and turns though, and Sarah was presented with an opportunity to move with her son overseas to join her husband at his new job.  I was sad to see her go, was busy with trying to succeed at being a wife, mother and run Sweet Repeats, but enjoyed seeing Sarah's updates about all her new adventures.


Soon after Sarah's departure, a dynamo of a woman I knew approached me about wanting to help! Stacie Beadel is this bundle of positive energy that showed up on late notice to work HOURS and HOURS and was a great addition to Sweet Repeats! If you've shopped at our sales, you've most likely seen or met Stacie. If not, you have definitely felt the impact of all that she and her family have done to help shape Sweet Repeats in special ways. While Stacie and the Beadel family will no longer be participating in running Sweet Repeats, I am thankful to have had their help and friendship through the years.

And, so here I am. On my own. With my other baby. Sweet Repeats. This thought that I had in my head that became reality. The dream for which I gave up many nights of sleep, time spent with family & money invested in order to create this amazing community event that has surpassed all my expectations. 

Sweet Repeats has become something so much bigger (in the sense of touching me and the community in so many unexpected ways) than I ever imagined it would. I am often brought to tears at least once each sale with stories of how the sale has been a blessing for someone, for a family, for a single mom, for kids, for a young mom. It is the way this sale continues to bless the many individuals that either sell, shop or are blessed by donations from Sweet Repeats that keeps me motiviated to make it better each and every sale. It is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.


It is also so rewarding to run a business that helps to reduce the impact we make on the earth from the moment we are born, by providing a venue that allows us all to easily reuse all of the gently-used items that we accumulate as our children grow.  With all the clothes, gear, equipment and such needed when raising children, I hope to help families keep the cost of growing up...down - while helping families also support the values of reduce and reuse!

With Sweet Repeats Kid's Consignment you will...

SAVE green, MAKE green and BE green!


I am grateful for your interest in Sweet Repeats and hope to see you at our next event!

Monica Itamura

p.s.  As we head into the 18th Sweet Repeats sale this spring of 2019, I would also like to thank all of the wonderful families who have sold and shopped our sale!  This sale doesn't exist without them.  And an even bigger thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time to help at our sales.  THANK YOU!